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World Earth Day, video tips

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April 22nd is the 52nd world Earth Day. The theme of last year's World Earth Day is "Cherish the earth. People live in harmony with nature". When this year's World Earth Day comes, I believe you have accumulated many environmental protection tips in your life. Take the initiative and give full play to your leadership! If you can share these good practices, let more people learn, and use them in life, our earth mother will gradually get better!


1. The main content of this activity is to share your own environmental protection tips (such as: how to save water, how to use waste, etc. Just focus on one point.)

2. I hope you can use the form of shooting small video, which lasts about 30 seconds. When shooting, start with "I'm _______ from Jinling Primary School ", and then introduce your own life and environmental protection tips.

3. Send it to Science teacher's email after shooting.

4. It is suggested that the video shooting should be carried out at home, and parents should participate in it together.

5. The deadline is April 25.

Selection activities:

The activity also sets up the best class award. Students participating in this activity can be included in the science class activity bonus.

Initiative is commitment, commitment is responsibility, responsibility lies in action. Let's take action, give full play to our self leadership, share and spread our own environmental protection tips, influence more people, contribute to the construction of ecological civilization and build a "blue sky, green Earth, clean water" earth. Let’s take the initiative and contribute to the Earth!



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