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Labor creates beauty, labor is the most glorious ——Activities of "Labor Advanced Class" and "Little Labor Expert" in Grade One

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On March 20, 2020, the Central Committee of the CPC and the State Council issued the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening the labor education in the new era, and made a comprehensive deployment on exploring the labor education mode with Chinese characteristics. On March 11, 2021, the general office of Jiangsu Provincial Committee issued the implementation opinions of Jiangsu Provincial People's Government of Jiangsu Provincial Committee of the CPC on Comprehensively Strengthening labor education in primary and middle schools in the new era.

"Implementation opinions" requires that children should be guided to undertake housework as much as possible according to their age characteristics. Encourage children to take part in labor on weekends or holidays, ensure that primary and secondary school students work no less than two hours a week, and learn one or two life skills every year. According to the implementation opinions, labor education in primary and secondary schools should be implemented by stages. Labor education in primary schools is no less than one class hour per week. The lower grades of primary school should focus on the Enlightenment of labor consciousness, with personal life as the main content. The middle and high grades of primary school should focus on the cultivation of working habits, with campus labor and family labor as the main content.

All along, our school attaches great importance to labor education. The content of labor is curricular, serial and innovative. On this basis, this semester, we carried out the "Red Scarf Labor Advanced Class" and "Red Scarf Labor Expert" selection activities, such as I love my campus. I clean my seat. I take responsibility for my area. I work in my ecological park. Under the guidance of teachers, students have acquired correct labor concept, good labor attitude, active labor habits, positive labor emotion, rich labor knowledge and innovative labor thinking. Young pioneers cadres of red scarf supervision post check and feedback weekly. Through the inspection of class hygiene, goods placement and campus labor service, they selected the labor advanced class of March.

Grade 1: Class 1 and Class 7

Grade 2: Class 1 and Class 4

Grade 3: Class 3, Class 5 and Class 7

Grade 4: Class 2, Class 4 and Class 10

Grade 5: Class 1, Class 5 and Class 7

Grade 6: Class 5, Class 6 and Class 9

How important is labor? President Xi Jinping once pointed out that "All achievements in the world and all happiness come from labor and creation." "Labor is the essential road to all success."

How helpful is labor education? The opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening Labor Education in universities, middle and primary schools in the new era issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council points out that labor education is a necessary way for students to grow up and has the comprehensive educational value of cultivating morality, increasing intelligence, strengthening physique and cultivating beauty.

During the period of Youth Day and Childrens Day, President Xi Jinping addressed the youth with the most ardent message. He pointed out that the majority of children should study hard and learn hard, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, temper their strong will and exercise their strong physique, so that they can always prepare for the realization of the great dream of the great rejuvenation of China." "Youth is brilliant by tempering, and life is sublimated by struggle." Yes, young people need to have the strength to "find hard work for themselves". If they want to become qualified socialist builders and successors, how can they be afraid of hardship and tiredness?

Let's have a look at the elegant demeanor of the Little Labor Expert of March in Grade One!

        “I love labor. Labor is a kind of responsibility and enjoyment for me. I'm willing to make my best contribution to others, my class and my parents. said Zhang Zujin from Class One. 

“I am a master of family cleanliness.” said Chen Zhihan from Class Two. 

        “I can tidy my room. sid Tao Qianyue from Class Three.



“I love labor, because labor brings me a lot of happiness and harvest, but what I do now is not enough. I will continue to work hard in the future like an industrious little bee and create my happy life.” said Zhu Mengyi from Class Four.

“Garbage classification is not only to divide the garbage, but also to throw it in the right place. This is the effective garbage classification!” said Xu Ziwei from Class Five.


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