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Look at the red blot, and learn to bear the spring light.——Spring outing of Grade Two in Jinling Primary School

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       When the wind blows, all flowers germinate. I'm looking forward to the spring outing that on the occasion of the most beautiful April day in the world! The Jinling Primary School which combined with the red education and theme courses for the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. Students came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery, approached the heroes, bathed in red education, carried forward the red spirit, and let the glory of the party shine into the hearts of the children.


In the morning, all the second grade of teachers and students came to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to hold a solemn ceremony. Students quietly stood up the stairs with hand in hand. Then, they walked slowly to the center of Yuhuatai Martyrs Monument step by step.


        Mourning and silence

The solemn and towering gray monument reveals deep solemnity. The sculpture with high head shows the heroic feelings of solemn and unyielding with clenched iron fist. All the grade two of teachers and students held a memorial ceremony for the martyrs of Yuhuatai in a lofty mood, and observed a minute silence for the heroes in this resting place.


        Wreath of tribute

        All the second grade of teachers and students stood in silence with the solemn and deep "Flower Song". Two students put the wreath in front of the monument to express their respect and memory for the martyrs. The statue is solemn, the pines are in waves, the flowers are white, and the martyrs are sacrificed.


        Red oath

The second grade students who were facing the bright red team flag raised their right fist and took the oath“ I am a member of the Chinese youth vanguard. I should swear under the flag of the team: I love the Communist Party of China, love the country, love the people, study hard, practice well, and be ready to contribute to the cause of Communism Clank oath stirred people's hearts and expressed the firm determination of all the second of students to fight for communism for life.

        Memories of the past heroic

        There is the Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall which made of thousands of red threads to appear by a world in front of the children: red threads are hanging in front of you, and small stones are tied underneath. When the children looked up along the line, they find that there are many names on the top of the line, which is the memory of the martyrs. As we moved deeper into the memorial hall, the unyielding faces hanging on the walls seem to be alive with the guide's explanation. The brave struggle of the martyrs in those years has gradually left a deep impression on the children's minds, making them understand the great courage of the revolutionary martyrs in those years.

        Pursuing the present youth

        In the afternoon, the children ran freely on the grass, as if yesterday's all disappeared, their innocent faces were full of today's happiness and happiness. However, today's happiness is precisely because of the original struggle of the heroes. I believe that the spirit of bravery and bravery of the heroes in the past are still going on in today's generations...



        The Jinling Primary School made an appointment with spring. The good time is always so short, in the pleasant time and bright smile, spring outing activities come to an end. The spring outing was carried out in an orderly way under the careful planning and organization of the school, , which not only made the children appreciate the infinite beauty of spring, but also made them to learn the difficult revolutionary history of the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries, enhanced their patriotic consciousness and gained happiness. Let's look forward to a more wonderful start next time...


        The Jinling Primary School carefully produced the research and the card closely related to the Yuhuatai, which marks a complete end to the activity, and also makes the second grade students deeply realize the significance and value of this spring practice. Look forward to the red print of the forefathers, study is spring light!



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