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Cheer for Xianlin Half Marathon Clean for our living district

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    Nanjing Zidong Xianlin HALF Marathon started from Xianlin Goat park at 8am on 11th April. Thousands of people who realize unique charm ran through the most beautiful road in Xianlin.



    More than 30 students from Jinling Primary School and more than 20 kids from kindergarten came early to the south of Nanjing University playground for running people with cheers. Students waved national flag and cheered for sportsmen at the same time. They were so happy and loudly. Their voice touched each of sportsmens heart. Xianlin HALF Marathon mediation commend our cheering squads who are enthusiastic and warm-hearted.


Students had the most important thing which were track environmental protection and home cleaning without cheer. They who were doing voluntary service started to clean the rack,subway stations, the north of Heyuan square,commercial street, peach blossom forest and so on after end of the game.


Everyones rubbish was full after an hour. Our home and racing track were back to beautiful and clean.

Everyone divided rubbish into different bags, then they put in appointed rubbish bin.

     The young age of volunteers who increased protecting environmental awareness and the spirit of dedication worked hard to clean our beautiful home and the side of environment.

Volunteers name:  

        Children group:李子吟、吴浩齐、蒲婉玉、谭诗琪、赵佩伊、杨乐然、董姝言、吴瑞心、杨明泽、陈厚宁、时荟雯、戴奕安


Grade One:唐诗懿、周玥延、王萁蓁、任子墨、胡顺之、赵乐宸、邱一恒、赵一睿、崔敬翌、彭兰茜、朱梦逸、俞小嫀


Grade Two:李子衿、郑慕紫、蒲金鑫、谭诗雅、张楚薇、孟戈、李沛珂、姜薏荷、冯思远、吴景心、杨辰辰、任一瑄、秦羽、戚宏章、戴奕泽、范悠然、梁景行


Grade Six:秦天瑜

Translator: Chen Hui

Author: Tan Shiya's mother from Class 4 Grade 2

Reviewer: Ding Yuan


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