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Parents and children make concerted efforts to lead peers.

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Author:  Tan Shiya’s Mother

        Class 4, Grade 2


On the road of growing up, every children and parents’ persistence is worthy of respect. 

Wise parents understand that it is more important to cultivate a child's perseverance than to teach him knowledge and skills. Parents and children of Jinling Primary School encourage and learn from each other and cultivate perseverance in a happy studying life. 

In the recent years, a group of parents and children have launched daily clock-in activities, including diaries, English, musical instruments, sports and fitness. In the daily sign-in group, parents interact actively. Children appreciate each others’ progress. Adults and children explore and share together, encourage and cheer together. Gradually, children turn boring learning into a kind of fun and keep clocking in as a daily pleasure to share. 

Perhaps the text of the diary is childish and simple, but children's imagination and observation always give off unexpected surprises. 

There may be differences in the level of English, but there are endless good ways, books and picture books. 

Perhaps piano practice is mechanically boring, but clocking in is a show that is free to play. 

Maybe skipping rope is boring, but it's exciting and challenging to set a new record for one minute with a good partner every day. 


Persistence becomes easy because of company. 

Learning becomes easier because of sharing. 

Growth becomes full of confidence because of encouragement.

There may be many ways to success, but hard work must be the one

we are the most proud of. We will continue to insist that we, like the sun, have ups and downs without losing our direction.



                                                                           Author: Tan Shiya’s Mother, Class 4, Grade 2

 Copy editing: Ding Yuan


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