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Cherish the memories of martyrs at Ching Ming Festival and students in Jinling Primary School pay tribute to the heroes

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—— Class 4 Grade 2 of Jinling Primary School in Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery


Video shooting and production: Zhang Xiaokangs father, Class 4 Grade 2

Video dubbing: Zhang Xiaokang, Class 4, Grade 2  


Green cypress and grass comforts heroes.


Ching Ming Festival, 2021

We came to Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to honor the martyrs.



In front of the tomb of the martyrs,

we listened to the martyrs' relatives telling us about their heroic deeds.


In the memorial,

mottled pictures told us the stories of revolutions spanning nearly a century.


In front of the monument,

the flag flying in the wind witnessed our great respect for the heroes.


Time might erase all traces of history,

but it cannot erase the eternal memories in our hearts.


The city we live in now is no longer the one which the martyrs fought and lived in. She's tolerant, open and dynamic.

To the martyrs:

Listen, that's the bustling sound of traffic.

Look, that's the rapid pace of the city.

Is this as prosperous as you wish?

Please, sleep peacefully on this beautiful hill.

As the young pioneers of the new era,

we'll convey your spirits.

Keep moving!










Class 4, Grade 2  Zhang Xiaokang

In Ching Ming Festival, it is a special day. The students of Class 4, Grade 2 in Jinling Primary School came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery. In front of the tomb of the martyr Sun Jinchuan, Grandma Sun Yizhi, the relatives of the martyr, told us the thrilling revolutionary stories of him. He fought and worked in Nanjing before his sacrifice. What impressed me most was that after his arrest, his mother went to the prison to visit him. In order to show that he would never surrender to the enemy, he ate the half pear and gave the other half back to his mother, which meant that he was ready for the sacrifice. This story moved me so much.

We must inherit the glorious tradition of revolutionary martyrs, and try to be the excellent young pioneers in the new era. We will study hard and reimburse the motherland and become useful talents for the country and society when we grow up.




Class 2, Grade 2  Sun Maoqi

During this special Ching Ming Festival, we came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to memorize the martyrs and predecessors.

First of all, we came to the tomb of the revolutionary martyrs, listened to the grandmother, the family member of the martyrs of Sun Jinchuan, telling the story of the martyrs. And then we visited the memorial hall. Finally, we came to the memorial of the martyrs and presented our own white flowers. We sang the song Chinese Young Pioneers. Along the way, we ere sad. So many young soldiers died bravely before the age of 20. I thought of the revolutionary martyrs who bled and sacrificed for fighting for beautiful new life nowadays. I looked down at the red scarf fluttering in front of my chest. It is a corner of our national flag and dyed with blood by revolutionary martyrs. Although they were gone, their spirit remains in my heart forever.

I swear in mind. We grow up in the new era, and we must convey spirits of the revolutionary ancestors, become the mainstay of our country in the future. We will study hard everyday. When we grow up, we will serve our country. In order to make our motherland more beautiful, we keep going!


Class 2, Grade 2  Sun Chen Dong

Today is Ching Ming Festival, a day to commemorate our ancestors. My classmates and I went to Yuhuatai to visit the tomb and memorize the martyrs.

We first went to the tomb of famous martyrs, where 17 martyrs had been resting in peace. Martyrs Sun Jinchuan's descendants Grandma Sun told us the stories of him. In order to keep secrets, he sacrificed himself. It was really great! Then we came to the memorial hall, and I knew a lot of martyrs stories. Finally, we came to the monument and presented hand-made paper flowers, and sang the song "Young Pioneers".

Martyrs protected the country and the people. They are eternal heroes in our hearts. Finally, I understood we have happy life nowadays because thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives in the past. I want to study hard and serve the nation like them.



Class 4, Grade 2  Zhang Xiaowen

Today is Ching Ming Festival, my classmates and I went to Nanjing Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery. In front of the tomb of the famous martyrs, the descendants of the martyrs Sun Jinchuan told us about his heroic deeds. He was arrested and killed by the enemies in order to protect and transmit the confidential documents. Later, we lined up, walked upstairs to the tall and majestic memorial, and offered our handmade white flowers to the heroes who died bravely in order to build a new China. Students stood in front of the monument in a row and saluted to the heroic martyrs. Finally, I understood that we have happy life nowadays because thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives in the past. We should cherish the happy life and strive for a stronger nation!




Class 4, Grade 2   Qi Hongzhang

Ching Ming Festival is a traditional festival in China. This year I did not go home, and I came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to memorize martyrs. In front of the revolutionary martyr's tomb, I was moved so much to hear Grandma Sun told me the heroic stories of the martyr Sun Jinchuan. I think he was witty and brave because he was bruised by the enemy and did not betray the Communist Party.

Then we also visited the martyrs memorial hall, we saw more photos of martyrs, and we also heard more martyrs deeds. I knew that there would be no good life for us today without their efforts.


Class 4, Grade 2  Ren Yixuan

Today is Ching Ming Festival and the weather was sunny. My father and I came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery early to cherish the memory of  the martyrs. Today's activity was meaningful. Especially after listening to the revolutionary stories, I understood that we have happy life nowadays because thousands of martyrs sacrificed their lives in the past. So we have to study hard and cherish this happy life. When we grow up, try to make contributions to our country.



Class 4, Grade 2 Jin Zi Xin

Ching Ming Festival arrived. 24 students, with their respect and small handmade white flowers, came to the martyrs cemetery to commemorate the revolutionary martyrs who fought for the motherland.

On the way back home, I could not calm down for a long time. Our heroes scarified for the sake of today's happy life. We should learn from  their tenacious will, their enthusiasm and their character. We need to study hard and make our own contributions to our national prosperity when we grow up.


Class 4, Grade 2  Chen Hongye

Today is Ching Ming Festival, and the weather is sunny, my classmates and I came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to memorize the revolutionary martyrs.

We first came to the "famous martyr tomb, grandma Sun told us the stories about Sun Jinchuan, and we saluted to him with our flowers.

Then we went to the Martyrs Memorial Hall. The walls in the hall were covered with photos of martyrs and heroic deeds. Then we came to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Monument. The monument is huge. There is a martyr bronze statue in front of the monument, representing the spirit of "Never surrender" !

These heroes sacrificed themselves for our motherland. We must cherish the present happy life, study hard and contribute to our nation when we grow up!


Class 4, Grade 2  Qin Yu

At Ching Ming Festival, our class went to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to visit the tomb. Sun Jinchuan's descendants, Grandma Sun, told us the stories of the martyrs. What impressed me most was that Sun ate half of his mother's pears after his arrest, and carved out a pentagram with his bloody nails on the other half. I think he was great. Then we went to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall, where I heard more stories of martyrs who died very young. Even if we can not remember their names, their deeds still remain in my heart, which I admire so much. Finally, we went to the Martyrs Monument, where we presented our own white flowers to express our nostalgia for the martyrs. We sang the song Chinese Young Pioneers and comforted the martyrs: we are the successors of communism. Inherit the glorious tradition of the revolutionary ancestors and love our motherland and the people!



Class 4, Grade 2  Jin Ruixi

Today, we went to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery together. We first went to the tomb of the martyrs of Sun Jinchuan and listened to the stories told by the family of the revolutionary martyrs. Then we lined up and walked to the Yuhuatai Martyrs Memorial Hall. Finally, we came to the martyrs monument to present our homemade white flowers. We sang the song, and we saluted to martyrs. After today's activities, I had a deep feeling. I felt that without the struggle and efforts of these martyrs, we would not have this happy life. They sacrificed their lives and blood for todays peaceful life We must cherish it. Study hard and make contributions to the motherland when we grow up.


Class 4, Grade 2  Zhao Chentao

Today, my classmates and I came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery to cherish the memory of the heroes. We first came to the tomb of the martyr Sun Jinchuan, and listened to Grandma Sun talking about the heroic deeds of him. I feel impressively. Then we went to the Martyrs Memorial Hall. I heard the great stories of many revolutionary martyrs. They all sacrificed at the very young age for the sake of the country and  the victory of our Chinese nation. I admired them so much. Finally, we came to the martyrs monument, and we offered flowers to them with a sincere heart. At this moment, I think I must study hard and make contributions to our nation.




Class 4, Grade 2  Huang Kerun

This year's Ching Ming Festival, I came to Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery with reverence. I visited the tomb of famous martyrs and listened to Grandma Sun telling the heroic deeds of revolutionary martyrs. The peace and safe today is credited to the revolutionary predecessors. They sacrificed their life in exchange for todays peace and safe. So we should cherish the present life and study hard.


Class 4, Grade 2  Tan Shiya

Ching Ming Festival arrived. I signed up early for the tomb-sweeping activities in the Yuhuatai Martyrs Cemetery. But unfortunately, I was unable to attend. But I personally made more than 20 paper flowers and experienced the traditional customs of Ching Ming Festival. I also asked my classmates to present flowers to the revolutionary martyrs for me and expressed my memory and reverence. We should never forget the outstanding achievements they have made for the Party and the people.


Contributor: Class 4, Grade 2

                      Reviewer: Ding Yuan

                       Interpreter: Zheng Dan


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